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Therapeutic Reflexology

60 mins $75.00

75 mins $90.00

90 mins $105.00

These session can include hand and ear reflexology,

you choose it's your session.

Foot Pain Reflexology

90 mins $115 for first appt.

This session includes calf lengthening to relieve tight calves

and/or help with plantar fasciitis.


Packages are available for those choosing reflexology

as a pathway to better health.

Please inquire for current packages.

Gift Certificates Available

Cancellation Policy

Except in cases of emergency or inclement weather - 24 hours notice is

required for appointment cancellations. Please understand that when you

make an appointment, that time is reserved for you. If you are late,

there may or may not be a possibility of extending your session

to give you your full-time. If you miss an appointment,

that is time that could be spent with another client,

therefore it is necessary to charge for a missed appointment.

Thanks for your understanding. 

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